Home sweet home is four patterns for four of the 25 Swedish provinces. Småland, Medelpad, Bohuslän and Lappland. The patterns are built from what I find is characteristic for the different provinces. Photos taken by Elisabeth Dunker/Lula.
News! Småland is now for sale here and Lappland here.

Just another swim and King of the hill are patterns for wallpaper.
News! Now for sale here.
Logo for an estate agency in Gothenburg
A true fairy tale is a concept for Fairtrade, which is an organized social movement for sustainability. Every certified product has their own personality and together they communicate the Fairtrade values.
s.n.o.b is a visual identity for a male clothing brand
Crane meets cowslip is a pattern made for my dear friend’s wedding invitation. The bride was the beautifully dancing crane from Västergötland and the groom a handsome and soft cowslip from Närke.
The quote
Marine Paint is a research programme aimed at developing marine antifouling paints which are more environmentally friendly than those in use today. Here is the cover and a spread from the annual report 2007.
Piece of cake is a pattern for textile as well as a cookbook. It is meant to be an encouraging reminder of what cooking can be if you keep it simple. You don’t have to be the naked chef to have fun cooking. Photo taken by Elisabeth Dunker/Lula.
Fashine is a magazine which dares to approach the subject of fashion seriously, without reducing the specific power of attraction which lies within fashion.
Waiting for a call
The polar bear star. The Polar bear has always been feared for being aggressive and seen as the king of Arctic, but the truth is that polar bears are more curios than dangerous.
A happy birthday symbol
T.O.A Teori om Allting is a book made from an exhibition with the swedish artist Lars Vilks. The book includes 100 drawings together with 100 texts.
The piano player